Set The Scene For A Wild West Saloon Brawl From Burn In Designs

May 9, 2015 by brennon

Burn In Design have been showing off a range of upcoming Furniture that will supplement all your Wild West tabletops very nicely indeed. See what you think of the pieces below that would be right at home in a Saloon...

Mind The Furniture!

As you can see below the Furniture is looking very plush indeed and I might even be tempted to try and come up with some kind of miniature set of cushions and such for the seats and the chaise lounge. Maybe I'm just stumbling into doll house territory here...

Parlour Furniture

The outdoors have also been catered to with this rather nifty looking bench that I could see laden with all manner of bottles and glasses ready to be smashed and used as makeshift weapons against some poor sap who said the wrong thing.


Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!

As well as the Furniture above they've shown off some single pieces in more detail including this awesome looking Safe that is just begging to be cracked open in some bank job style scenario.


I would love to have something set up where you had to either go up and try and break it with some skilled safe-cracker or had the choice of laying a length of gunpowder and blowing the door off that way.


Poker Table

Close up the pieces of Furniture are really nice and while relatively robust that should mean that they stay together a lot better and won't be broken by a little knock or two. I'd very happily grab this stuff and paint it up for Legends of the Old West or, as pictured here, Wild West Exodus.

What do you make of the terrain?

"they've shown off some single pieces in more detail including this awesome looking Safe..."

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