Battling in Bushido is Child’s Play for Its Two New Characters

September 22, 2014 by dracs

The Silvermoon Trade Syndicate are willing to use anything to their advantage in order to win in Bushido, including bringing a couple of kids to the fight. Don't let their age fool you though, you will have to keep a close eye on Sukoshi Kani and Nomi.

Kani and Nomi

These two may not be the most imposing of combatants to come across, but there is no doubt they can be useful to bring along. Their small size allows them to sneak into places where their larger compatriots would be spotted, while Sukashi brings her bag of spiked makibishi, scattering these in order to block a path and disrupt the enemy's movements.

This pair certainly sound like a useful addition to the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate, providing some good tactical options to draw back upon and helping you to control the battlefield of Bushido. The sculpts themselves, while not the most mindblowing of the range, are still very good and, considering that they are supposed to be overlooked, it matches with their character that their sculpt isn't so flamboyant.

Will these two precious bundles of joy be joining your warband?

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