Bestial Warriors & Sultry Snake Women Appear For GCT’s Bushido

March 2, 2015 by brennon

GCT Studios have previewed some more of the models coming for you soon in the next wave of Bushido miniatures. This time around they have two pieces of artwork in the form of Yuui of the Ito Clan & Rinsho of the Savage Wave...

Yuui - The Ito Clan

"Another daughter of Orochi, a ferocious warrior gifted with great prowess in battle and the honour of Orochi’s snake form body. She slithers across the battlefield seeking out the cowards in the shadows and dispatching them in Orochi’s name. Although not of the Ito bloodline Yuui has risen amongst the ranks of the followers of Orochi, a rise that has not gone unnoticed by many Ito, who by birth should outrank her."

Rinsho - Savage Wave

"Rinsho are prized within Bakemono society for their enormous strength matched only by their stupidity, making them perfect shock troops. These gangly Bakemono are blessed with vastly accelerated regenerative powers, able to regrow limbs and heal what would be mortal wounds as if a minor graze. Their durability offers some staying power to the Bakemono battle lines, anchoring key points on the battle field, weathering the brunt of the enemy offense and enabling a swarming counter punch. Bringing down these giant Bakemono is no mean feat as injury only sends them spiralling into a furious whirlwind of violence."

While both are very cool I think my favourite of the two has to be Yuui because I think the sculpts stance, if they can pull it off to be like that, will be awesome and it will be great to see the snake skin painted up nicely with some freehand patterns.

Which do you like best?

" will be great to see the snake skin painted up nicely with some freehand patterns"

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