New Birds & Beasts In GCT Studios’ Bushido Wave 38 Releases

January 16, 2018 by brennon

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The complete Wave 38 is now available for you to snap up from GCT Studios for Bushido. It contains all manner of new characters for a variety of the different factions. It's birds first though!

Hirobo - Tengu Descension

Kicking things off we have Hirobo here who was shown in artwork not long ago. The design has more or less transferred over very nicely and I love the look of the model, making a proclamation to the rest of his Tengu brothers and sisters, no doubt getting them psyched up for battle.

As a counter to him, we do have a Tengu who is fighting for the dreaded and dark Cult Of Yurei.

Rokuro - Cult Of Yurei

This ruined Tengu was said to have cut off his own wings. Now he hunts down other Tengu and wants to make them suffer as he did. He is now adept at throwing those axes of his, ready to slice through his enemies and bring them low from afar.

Stepping up on the more bestial side of things we also have Karapan who is offering up a challenge to the enemy before him. It's interesting that we're seeing so many renders now from GCT Studios compared to finished and painted models I must say.


It would be nice to see how all of these models look when finished off properly for the tabletop as, especially in the case of these feathered fellows, they would look fantastic I bet.

Back Alley Deals & Honourable Warriors

Like the two sides of humanity, we also have some more regular looking folk for the world of Bushido. As a scheming and shadowy addition to Bushido, we have Fai-Ginn of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate.

Fai Ginn - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

I don't think that I'd ever get on with them as a faction to collect but I do love what GCT has done with Silvermoon. They have some very dangerous and creepy looking fellows in their faction that you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night.

This is in contrast to Mika Takashi who you would probably want fighting by your side with her deadly sword skills.

Mika Takashi

Posed as if ready to duel with her opponent she seems like a nice contrast to the likes of Fai-Ginn and shows off the different cultures that you get in the world of Bushido too.

Fanatical Fighter

Last but not least we have this fellow too who is also available to pre-order. Trak is a ferocious looking fighter offering up a battle cry to those who would stand before him.


Once again, it would be nice to see the finished model with a lick of paint on it. Whilst I know it is not entirely do-able for companies, it's always nice to see miniatures which you KNOW look great and packed with detail in their tabletop form. It's the same problem I have with Wyrd who consistently show renders rather than painted models!

What do you think of the new pre-orders?

"Trak is a ferocious looking fighter offering up a battle cry to those who would stand before him..."

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