Two Bizarre Concepts Spark off Bushido’s Wave 15

October 6, 2013 by dracs

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With the Wave 14 releases shipping out GCT Studio turn their attention to Wave 15, unveiling concepts of what has to be two of the most bizarre looking beings Bushido has seen so far.

First, the Cult of Yurei strikes from the shadows with the rat like Nezumi Kun.

Nezumi Kun

This repulsive individual attacks with stealth, striking with speed and surprise before returning to its hiding place.

But this isn't the most bizarre thing to appear in Bushido. The Temple of Ro-Kan's latest ally has appeared to aid them in their battles. Beware the mighty Tengu known as Sojobo!


After you have stopped laughing at his nose of course.

Seriously though, the design is great and harkens back to masks and costumes used in Asia to portray their mythical beings. It is just a shame that, without that grounding in Asiatic folklore, it can look rather ridiculous to our western eye. Still he should be an interesting sculpt and I look forward greatly to seeing the finished piece.

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