Bushido Blow a Kiss With Two New Minis

July 25, 2014 by dracs

Two more of the beautiful wave 19 miniatures for Bushido have appeared, bringing us the long arm of the Temple of Ro-Kan and the seductive beauty of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate.

Ashinaga Tenaga

The miniature for the yokai fishermen Ashinaga Tenaga matches well with the concept art we saw previously. The proportions are brilliantly distorted, making this a rather unsettling miniature, but their control over water and skill with the fishing spear will make these two a valuable asset.

Hanami Queen of Flowers

The new miniature for Hanami, the Queen of Flowers is a similarly good recreation of the concept art, although I do think that her hair makes her look a little bit like Amy Winehouse. Still, the miniature has a very graceful and seductive pose, which works very well for the miniature, though it might her basing a little difficult as she looks rather delicate.

Which of these two Bushido minis will be joining your gang?

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