Bushido Braves the Beasts Of The Bakemono Riders

February 25, 2016 by dracs

The Savage Wave of Bushido are about to get a little more savage as GCT Studios provide our first glimpse at their new Bakemono Beasts Riders.

Bakemono Beast Rider

The Bakemono Riders are the bravest and most foolish of the warriors, who have gone into the shadows to capture the beasts that live there and, most importantly, survived.

If you're wondering why GCT haven't shown off the monsters themselves, it's because this model will have two mounts available.

Bakemono Giant Cave Bat Rider

Bakemono Nian Rider

While we can take a guess about the Giant Cave Bat, it's hard to tell about the other one. I'm hoping the Nian is some sort of multi-coloured cat!



The Nian is a creature from Chinese legend which comes down from the mountains once a year to eat children. It is reportedly the original source for the famous Chinese lion dances and can be scared off by loud noises and the colour red.

So, if you want  to keep your minis safe, I guess you know what colour scheme to go with.

How do you think these mounts will look? Will you bring them into your games of Bushido?

"I'm hoping the Nian is some sort of multi-coloured cat!"

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