Bushido Brings the Spirits of Air and Earth to Life

April 29, 2013 by dracs

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We have already seen the concepts for the latest figures joining The Temple of Ro-Kan, but now we get to see the painted minis for Bushido's Minor Kami of Earth and Air.

Minor Kami of Earth and Air

These two sculpts certainly do justice for their respective elements and I particularly like the air kami, the flowing sculpt is refreshingly non-humanoid and will make for a cool addition to the game.

We have also seen the penultimate piece of artwork for the 12th wave of releases.

Eejii and Genji Takashi

Eeji and Genji Takashi are the latest soldiers to join the Prefecture of Ryu and we can hopefully expect to see the miniatures for them appearing soon.

Would you seek enlightenment with the Temple, or serve the Prefecture?

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