Bushido Digs Up Two New Fighters for Yurei and Ro-Kan

September 14, 2014 by dracs

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GCT Studios may be pretty busy with Rise of the Kage at the moment, but they're not neglecting the main game of Bushido as two new miniatures appear, adding to the ranks of the Temple of Ro-Kan and the Cult of Yurei.

The Cult of Yurei have unearthed a new grave digger, the corrupted Yugio.


Now a broken and maddened shadow of his former self, another puppet, bent to the will of a dark and ruthless master, his former teachings twisted to benefit the Shugenja of the Cult. The Shoymo taught to him to protect the spirits and souls of his ancestors now turned against their peoples.

Standing in complete contrast to Yugio is the latest master of the Temple of Ro-Kan, Master Akari.

Master Akari

The diminutive Tanuki is a cyclone of energy, flying between enemies in a flurry of blows, dashing from melee to melee. Nigh impossible to target at range the enemy must close in an attempt to deal with this furry thorn.

Both of these models feature a very different style, and perfectly embody each of their respective faction's character. Of the two, while I love the idea of a Tanuki martial artist, I have to say that I think Yugio's sculpt is particularly cool. There's a real sense of menace to him, despite not being as disturbing as a lot of the other members of Yurei.

Will either of these two be appearing in your Bushido forces?

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