Bushido Extends Evil to the Peasantry

July 2, 2012 by dracs

A new piece of artwork for Bushido has been published showing the latest recruit to be sucked into the darkness of the Cult.

He may be a peasant, but this burakumin is definitely no salt of the earth.

Bushido - Burakumin

Just goes to show, even in feudal Asia smoking and wearing an eye patch automatically made you a bad ass.

As with all of the previous art work we have seen for Bushido this piece really captures the essential character this figure. You just have to take one look to think up a back story and personality. Hopefully this will transfer over well to the miniature and given the past history of the Bushido minis I don't think we need worry about that.

Do any of you play Bushido? What do you think of the new pieces of artwork we are currently seeing?

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