Bushido Finishes Off Wave 12 In Samurai Style

June 4, 2013 by brennon

GCT Studios have another addition to Wave Twelve before it comes to an end. Check out the twin miniature of Takshi Eiji And Genji that will be joining the Prefecture of Ryu...

Takshi Eiji And Genji

"Born to fight, there was never a doubt that these twins would take any path other than that of the samurai. Genji strong and quiet, Eiji quick to anger but equally quick to laugh, on the battlefield when fighting back to back they fight with an unmatched unity."

As you can see there are two configurations. One of them has a pole arm while the other is fighting with the masterful katana. Of the two of them I prefer the katana based Genji configuration as he looks a damn sight cooler!

The rulebook is also getting churned out right now too so this is a perfect time to get in on the world of Bushido.

Which configuration do you prefer?

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