Bushido Finishes Wave 16 & Looks Ahead To Wave 17

February 10, 2014 by brennon

Models and concepts galore for the world of Bushido thanks to GCT Studios. Both the Ito and Trade Syndicate are getting sorted out as Wave 16 comes to a close.


Old Zo

Nice and close to the artwork and I really like the way they have built up the character of the Trade Syndicate. They have managed to delve into the muscle and the mind of this rather shady organisation operating in the shadows. Old Zo in particular looks like he knows everything about your past.

The painting is a little odd on his face though. He looks a bit like Deidre from Coronation Street. I have a feeling only British folk are going to get that.


Soul Collector

Wave 17 is of course next on the agenda and above is some of the concept art for Isamu and the Soul Collector. It's going to be very cool seeing how Waku the Soul Collector turns out.

The future is certainly bright for Bushido as the waves build up and up!

Is there something for you in the mix?

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