Get Ahead in Bushido with the Help of Tadao

May 20, 2014 by dracs

The Wave 18 miniatures of Bushido are now all available for pre-order, including a new undead soldier to bolster the ranks of the Cult of Yurei. Meet the unliving Minimoto Tadao.


Tadao is another of the corpses that the Cult have raised to do their bidding. However, unlike the other unliving they bring to battle, Tadao apparently retains some of his living speed and skill with his mighty tetsubo.

The model is a brilliantly disturbing model, brandishing its severed head in a rather mocking manner. The explosion of gore is a stylistic addition to the standard headless soldier type, though I think that it looks better in the concept.

Do any of Bushido's Wave 18 releases tempt you to pre-order?

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