Bushido Wave 14 Will Have You Turning Cartwheels

August 22, 2013 by dracs

The Wave 14 of Bushido miniatures is getting under way with two new pieces of concept art appearing with the latest additions for the Temple of Ro-Kan and the Cult of Yurei. And the Cult of Yurei one rocks!

Firstly, the Temple of Ro-Kan will soon be getting the martial skills of Suchiro.

Suchiro Temple of Ro-Kan

This guy seems pretty standard fare for the Temple, a martial arts monk type character. But the claws on one hand make me think that this particular member of the Temple will be a nice aggressive addition to the line up.

However, the one I am particularly excited about is the Cult of Yurei's Waynudo.


Yup, that's a dude'd head trapped in a flaming cart wheel.

Waynudo are one of the stranger and more frightening monsters of Japanese folklore. They were apparently very evil men in life who is being punished for a particularly heinous act they committed. They are one reason to be very careful on Japanese roads at night as anyone who crosses their path will be dragged straight to hell.

As yet we don't know what this monster will be like in Bushido, but the concept really seems to capture the true horror of this bizarre looking being.

Fancy studying with the Temple of Ro-Kan or rolling out with the Cult of Yurei?

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