Bushido Waves The Banner & The Ito Clan Cometh!

October 30, 2012 by brennon

Another set of previews have come out of Bushido by GCT Studios. Below you will see the concept art for the Ashigaru Standard Bearer and also a look at how the Ito Clan are shaping up! Those serpentine warriors aren't far away!

Ashigaru Standard Bearer

I'm looking forwards to seeing this one get to the miniature stage. Should be a great looking model that while simple, will have an evocative place on the battlefield. I hope the banner itself will keep that flowing state and won't just be straight.

Ito Clan Member #1

Ito Clan Member #2

Ito Clan Member #3

Then you have these impressive Ito warriors! I particularly like the middle miniature and the bottom one. The work that's going into these is fantastic, and you can see how carefully they have been put together, especially in the sculpting of the bare chested warrior at the bottom.

Are you looking forwards to the arrival of the Ito?

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