Bushido’s Dead Walk Once Again

December 13, 2013 by dracs

A new piece of concept art has appeared from Bushido showing the grim upcoming release for the Cult of Yurei, the shambling horror of the Kusatta Kaiarai.

Kusatta Kairai

These abominations of undead are the latest creation of the warped and twisted minds of the Cult Shugenja. Lumbering across the battlefield with single minded purpose, to bring death and suffering to the lives of the living. Those brave enough to stand against the cruel mockeries of their former friends and love ones are thanked with a foul toxic substance spraying from their wounds, eating away flesh and muscle. Should their foes manage to bring one of these puppets down reports talk of them swelling like rotten fruit and exploding all over an opponent as one last insult.  - GCT Studio

So they're shambling zombies which explode? Awesome. However, GCT have done a good job in making these unique and characterful to their own game and not just another of the multitude of zombie miniatures which are already out there.

Tell us what you think about the walking dead of Bushido.

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