Bushido’s Last Wave 20 Releases Make a Sinister Appearance

October 14, 2014 by dracs

Wave 20 of Bushido's miniatures are now all out on general release and the last two models of this range have just made their presence known.

Fans of the Savage Wave will be happy, as now they can get their hands on a slavering Kaihei Pack.

Kaihei Pack

We previously caught sight of the Kaihei Alpha, but now he is joined by the rest of his pack. These creatures are pretty much the epitome of the Savage Wave; vicious animal cunning mixed with ferocious natural fighting ability, letting them take down even the toughest of prey.

However, I think the grand prize without doubt goes to the Ito Clan's new Mizuki Ito.

Mizuki Ito

That is one heck of a beautiful miniature. Mizuki was apparently once a beautiful daughter of Ito, but chose instead to follow the calling Orochi and succumb to his blessings. She is now this terrifying, yet still seductive snake creature, able to force her will upon others and even pass on minor blessings to fellow followers of Orochi.

Both of these new releases showcase very different play styles that I think characterise their respective factions. They are superb sculpts and sound as if they will be useful to form new strategies around for the game itself.

Do either of these new releases tempt you to try Bushido?

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