Bushido’s Wave 20 Gets Rolling With Master Akari!

August 10, 2014 by brennon

GCT Studios seem to believe in no rest for the wicked as they're already onto what's coming with Wave 20 for Bushido! The first piece of artwork for this wave comes in the form of Master Akari who has arrived just in time alongside another Racoon that might or might not have been on the silver screen and bares a similar resemblance...

Master Akari - Temple of Ro-Kan

It's quite a neat little piece and once again I hope that they manage to keep the sculpt as close to the artwork as possible. There have been a few examples in the past where they've changed things (most likely to make the sculpts work in reality) and it has resulted in them not being as 'cool' as I'd first thought. This should be good though I hope!

It's neat that you keep noticing things with this sculpt, especially the little bunny rabbit at his feet!

What do you think of Master Akari?

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