A Concept For Bushido’s Wave 21 Release Shows its Slothful Self

October 20, 2014 by dracs

GCT Studios have put out the first the concept art of their upcoming Wave 21 releases. Kicking things off a sinister slothful duo are joining the Cult of Yuri.

Souta and Sloth

Souta is an orphan who was lost to the void and has become host to the twisting spirit of Sloth. Sloth might seem like the least intimidating of vices. After all, it's slothful and so you can probably get away, right? Wrong! According to GCT Studios,

The Sloth is as slow and inevitable a killer as the void from which it came, victims held helplessly in the grip of fear or some unseen tether, those brave enough to confront the horror find themselves enveloped by its nothingness.

The concept itself certainly conveys the menace of this slothful pair. Souta himself seems more interested in whatever toy he is playing with, while Sloth is an oily spirit, slowly creeping clawing its way towards its prey.

What do you hope GCT bring out for Bushido this time?

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