The Cursed Swordsman Taisho Comes to Battle in Bushido

July 20, 2014 by dracs

GCT Studios may be working hard on Rise of the Kage, but that doesn't mean that they are neglecting the main game of Bushido as the last warrior of the Kurouma clan offers up his blade.

Taisho Tenbatsu

Tenbatsu is all that remains of his clan, a broken, bitter man who may not even be a man any more. There are all sorts of stories about this colossal swordsman, ranging from dead man walking to sold his soul for eternal life. Whatever the truth, he is still a fearsome swordsman for either the Cult of Yurei or the Savage Wave.

The model itself is an excellent sculpt of the concept art that we saw earlier. There is a real sense of understated menace about this character, which matches well with his mysterious back story. All in all, it is a fantastic samurai miniature, that manages to look evil without overstating it.

Will you hire this swordsman for your Bushido crew?

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