A Damned Samurai Offers His Services in Bushido

June 29, 2014 by dracs

In the Asiatic world of Bushido there are many cursed individuals and mighty warriors. One such figure has come to offer his services to the evil forces of the Cult of Yurei and the Savage Wave. Few can stand in the path of the twisted samurai, Kurouma Tenbatsu.

Kurouma Tenbatsu

Kurouma is the last of the broken Tenbatsu clan. A bitter, mysterious swordsman who is keenly sought after for his savage skills. No one really knows who he is exactly, an undead samurai, a man in conflict with his own cursed swords, or someone who sold his soul for eternal life. Whatever he might turn out to be, judging from the concept art I doubt you want to end up face to face with him.

Are you going to hire this samurai to help in your Bushido battles?

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