A New Dawn for Bushido & it’s One for the Dead

September 10, 2012 by brennon

Bushido from GCT Studios is going to be experiencing a bit of a change this week and it's one that will help shape the game going forwards. New Dawn will be coming this weekend!

Female Karai - Cult of Yurei

"Well we have been working away hard on the rules now for quite a while, we have listened to your suggestions and tweaked here and there. The core game mechcanics remain the same but have had elements added to better reflect the game we wanted to create, and to clarify and streamline the game. There are some new rules, such as shooting into combat and Special Attacks and Defences replace the old Triggers."

The rules will be available for free download on Sunday with profiles for all the models in the Bushido range. Also don't forget to check out the miniature for the awesome Karai above. That's one scary miniature with one hell of a hammer.

Are you looking forwards to the future of Bushido?

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