It’s a New Dawn for Bushido

October 18, 2012 by dracs

Bushido have published some new concept art to get us excited for the upcoming Wave 9 releases which will be appearing around Christmas time.

First we get a glimpse of a menacing wraith which will be joining the Cult of Yurei.

Bushido - Wraith Concept

This twisted creation has an intriguing design which will make it an excellent centre piece for any Cult force. I can't wait to see how this strange amalgamation of samurai armour and ... black stuff looks as a miniature.

Next to this the Temple of Ro-Kan has a far more peaceful offering. The fisherman.

Bushido - Fisherman Concept

What this guy will be doing on the battlefield I have no idea, but he promises to be a cool miniature and I really want to see how his fishing cormorant is incorporated into the game. The Temple of Ro-Kan are probably my favourite faction so I will definitely be looking forward to seeing this guy in the flesh, as it were.

On top of these previews, GCT Studios have announced that they have updated their Bushido: New Dawn rule set.

Bushido - New Dawn

The New Dawn downloadable rules have been tightened in accordance with feedback from players, as well as including new artwork and scenarios to play out.

If you want to try out Bushido, just download the New Dawn rules here.

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