Envoys & The Dead Grace Bushido This New Year

January 4, 2014 by brennon

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The world of Bushido has some interesting things coming in the new year and GCT Studios have popped some previews up on their website for Yukio Koshimori and the Kussata Kairi to get you excited.

Yukio Koshimori, Imperial Envoy

"Yukio Koshimori is one of the shrewdest, craftiest minds in the empire. Many question his recent arrival in the Jwar Isles, some suggest his appearance a bad omen; that the Empire’s interest in the isles is piqued whilst others claim it can only lead to prosperity. What is certain is that when Yukio speaks, he speaks with the authority of the emperor and whether he is questioning a samurai’s honour, chastising an underling or barking orders, he cannot be dis-obeyed. Yukio is a representative of the Imperial Court and can issue a decree in their name should those in his presence displease him. This single action leaves those who oppose him with their plans in tatters, their troops powerless, having no choice but to obey the word of the Emperor."

Kusatta Kairai

"These abominations of undead are the latest creation of the warped and twisted minds of the Cult Shugenja. Lumbering across the battlefield with single minded purpose, to bring death and suffering to the lives of the living. Those brave enough to stand against the cruel mockeries of their former friends and love ones are thanked with a foul toxic substance spraying from their wounds, eating away flesh and muscle. Should their foes manage to bring one of these puppets down reports talk of them swelling like rotten fruit and exploding all over an opponent as one last insult."

They are certainly some interesting models with Yukio being a bit of a playboy for the different factions in Bushido. He can be used with any of them and will be laying down the law in whatever game he turns up in.

On the creepy side of things we have the abominations of the dead slinking around freaking people out. It's kept very close to the original art and what I think elevates the creepiness of it even more is the mask on it's face. Just crazy!

Will you be playing Bushido this year?

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