Two Ethereal Concepts Appear for Bushido Wave 12

April 14, 2013 by dracs

Two new concept pieces are leading the charge for wave 12 of the Bushido releases. Now the Temple of Ro-Kan and the Cult of Yurei get some rather ethereal additions.


Minor Kami of Earth and Air

Both of these have a very ethereal, discorporate nature to them, with the swirling hair and clothing of Cult of Yurei's Harionage and the Temple of Ro-Kan's Minor Kami of Earth and Air being partly made of, well, air, it is certainly going to be interesting to see how they are conveyed as minis.

Harionage I feel will be a particular favourite of mine, as she reminds me strongly of the classic Chinese fantasy film the Bride with the White Hair, something of a favourite of mine (along with Zu Warriors From the Magic Mountain. Please GCT make a mini who can catch people with his eyebrow hair).

What do you think these will add to the game?

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