Fangs & Sentinels Guard The Factions Of Bushido

May 19, 2014 by brennon

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We saw the artwork for one of these miniatures earlier this month but it's time for the folks at Bushido to unleash Saburo from the Ito Clan with this painted version! As well as that the Golden Sentinel begins his vigil...


"Orochi’s gift presents differently in all her worthy followers, it might be a reflection of an individual’s persona or of Orochi’s intentions for them, subtly crafting the recipient into a tool in the service of their god. If Saburo were a tool it would be a scalpel, fashioned of Minimoto steel. This cool and calm servant of the Ito was once a temple bushi, and as all who demonstrate their devotion was chosen to receive the gift. The physical training that is integral to the training of the Orochi temple bushi was only further enhanced after his transformation into a hebimiman. Now the frightening warrior of the Ito emerges from the shadows to dispatch the enemies of the Ito, disappearing just as fast leaving his foes shocked and with no target for retaliation."

Golden Sentinel

"The Golden Sentinels are the bodyguards of the Emperor’s clan, guarding the family on their travels, in their homes and in court. They also serve as escorts to his Teishin as they journey his Empire spreading his holy word. If the Teishin of the Imperial court are the Emperors voice in distant more barbaric lands, then the Golden Sentinels serve as his shield, all proven warriors, sworn to protect their charges with their lives if needed. However, such is the size of the Golden Empire that Imperial missions and postings can often take many seasons to complete not taking into account the travel across the great empire and so often the Sentinels can sometimes take on the local customs and in rare circumstances become embroiled in the affairs of locals."

Both of these chaps look awesome and Saburo is a very creepy exotic creature for the Ito Clan. I like that they've got a nice amount of detail across the scaly skin and it would look brilliant with a wash.

Away from that we have the Golden Sentinel who look like a brilliant addition to all the different factions. I like the stubborn stance of the artwork and I hope the miniature has a sneer like that on it's face.

Have you been playing Bushido?

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