Fishermen & Painted Ito Clan Members Take Over Bushido

November 19, 2012 by brennon

Bushido from GCT Studios is a hub of activity at the moment as over the weekend they not only showed off the awesome Kintaru the Fisherman but also Ito Ayako from the IndieGoGo Campaign...


First up is Kintaru, a humble fisherman who is more than willing to aid the Temple of Ro-Kan when the fighting begins. Once again the miniature is very close to the original concept art and the scenic base is pretty special too.

Ito Ayako

Next up of course is Ito Ayako, the first painted miniature from the deadly and serpentine Ito Clan. She really is a gem and shows just what these guys can do with a pot of paint and a little time and effort. Can't wait to see the other clan members painted up!

If you backed the IndieGoGo Campaign then you will be able to grab her now (if you order before the 22nd of November). Otherwise you will have to wait till February for general release.

What do you think folks?

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