Flick That Tail With Bushido’s Creepy Nezumi Kun

November 2, 2013 by brennon

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Bushido have another creepy addition to their Bushido line and this time it's for the Cult of Yurei. See what you think of the rather odd looking Nezumi Kun using his tail to full effect.

Nezumi Kun

"Little is known about the origins of Nezumi Kun, even the scholars of the Blue library could only guess at the occult rituals and black magic used to create this “Son of Nezumi”. The savage Yokai appears more wild and feral than its “father”, striking from nowhere, only a rank stench left to mark its passage before it scuttles away into the darkness. Waiting and lurking in the shadows waiting for instruction from a faceless unseen evil."

Sounds very cool and evil all at once doesn't it? It's a very odd sculpt and not one that I was immediately drawn too as I think the artwork looks like a better pose, having it all more on an angle. However I do like that he is using his tail and I can see the movement going on which is good.

Worth adding to your collection?

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