GCT Show Off The Beautiful Tsubaki & Harukichi’s Stats!

August 4, 2013 by brennon

The world of Bushido is certainly a beautiful and vibrant one and there is no denying that when they show of Tsubaki. What do you think of this deadly dancer for the world of Far Eastern fantasy?


"The only thing to match the beguiling beauty of the Roses of Silvermoon Syndicate is their athletic physique. Experts in the arts of manipulation and misdirection, they pass through their unsuspecting enemies waiting for the moment to strike. Once the veil of safety drops Tsubaki’s opponents have to contend with their foe dancing rhythmically in and out of combat, whilst they swing wildly at thin air. This is not Tsubaki’s only trick for she, like many Roses, carries an exotic mix of flower petals which, when blown into a victim’s eyes induce blindness."

She is a very nice looking model and the paint job is good too, although I wasn't expecting it to be bad considering GCT Studios' track record. The one thing that I was (and to a degree still am) worried about is the veil over the lower half of her face. I don't know if it maybe gets in the way too much?

Harukichi Stat Card

As well as the model they have also showed off the stat card for Harukichi, another member of the Trade Syndicate. I won't profess that I know much about Bushido other than the factions so maybe someone below can enlighten us as to how good (or bad!) this guy is on the tabletop.

Let me know!

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