Explore GCT’s Bushido In 2023 With Brand New Miniatures

January 11, 2023 by brennon

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A brand new set of releases have arrived for GCT Studio's Bushido and the start of 2023. New characters are coming out of the woodwork for a bunch of different factions, adding to this already fascinating 35mm Fantasy skirmish game that draws on Asian Mythology.

Master Euksa - Bushido

Master Ekusa // Bushido

The Temple Of Ro-Kan is first up with the quiet and unassuming Master Ekusa. He comes with a lot of support options allowing him to keep your other Temple miniatures going in the heart of the action. You can also create a very thematic and cinematic list with him where you only focus on Master Monks. I think it also helps that his miniature features an adorable yet mighty-looking turtle that carries him into the fighting. I bet that is going to be a LOT of fun to paint.

The next of the miniatures is for the Jung Pirates who are a little wilder when compared to the calm and collected Master Ekusa.

Kurutta - Bushido

Kurutta // Bushido

Kurutta is quite a fan of fire and uses some very homemade devices in order to take out his foes. He can throw bombs all over the place and has a high damage output in-game BUT you need to also keep him alive to make the most of it. I think I would totally paint Kurutta covered in burns and black powder, maybe with a few sizzling ends to his hair.

Next, we take to the Silvermoon Syndicate and talk with one of their healers.

Tomo - Bushido

Tomo // Bushido

Whilst some of the big bruisers get stuck in and do the fighting, Tomo is going to be there to keep them going. If you've managed to pay Tomo well and got them to full Ki, they can use their Kill Or Cure ability to either end someone's life or make sure they stick around. I love the idea of walking that fine line between an utter maniac and a helpful ally. I bet their allies in the Silvermoon Syndicate sometimes fear when they are around. Add some dripping blood to those weapons I say!

The Savage Wave is up next and that means a fearsome new Oni for this wild faction.

Yasei - Bushido

Yasei // Bushido

Featuring a good selection of special abilities, Yasei is good for those who want to dive in and get the damage piling up in close combat. He is also able to destroy terrain so that you can charge through gaps and get to the soft heart of the enemy force. The Oni have always been pretty fascinating and I love seeing them painted. Break out the bright red and get stuck in!

The Ito Clan are going to be striking from the shadows with their new character, Yanki.

Yanki - Bushido

Yanki // Bushido

Yes, that snake-lover is swinging around cages full of snakes. What of it? As the game goes on, Yanku gets better and better but you need to match that against him burning out and collapsing in a panting pile. Get him stuck into combat quickly and often to get the most out of him. One might assume that whilst he is quite snake-like, he probably has a fair few bites that could be the reason for his "glass cannon" feel.

Last but not least, we see what's on the way for the Prefecture Of Ryu.

Kizoko - Bushido

Kizoko // Bushido

Kizoko is a new style of Samurai for the Dragon Clan who plays very differently from others. A fine warrior and brilliant swordsman, you could imagine him absolutely swirling through your enemies, blades flashing in the sun. He is also rocking some impressive facial hair that makes him look very serious indeed.

Could you be tempted by these new releases for the world of Bushido?

"The Temple Of Ro-Kan is first up with the quiet and unassuming Master Ekusa..."

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