Hill Tribe Hero Kanut Previewed For Bushido

March 10, 2016 by stvitusdancern

GCT Games has announced one of the newest miniatures for Bushido. This time they have a very wild looking character called Kanut (possibly a play on Canute a former king), he is the leader of some hill tribes.

"Kanut, the leader of the hilltribes, is the father to all his people, a true hero, patient teacher and a stoic guardian. He is a great warrior, his acts and courage on the bloody field of battle dispelling doubt and instilling a fever in his warriors. Kanut is a resolute and effective, if direct, fighter.

Skilled with the great axe delivering brutal blows to his enemies, those that run receive the sharp and stinging bite of one of his throwing axes, their edges as keen as any samurai sword. A veteran of many battles, wounded many times but seeming unwilling to die at the hands of his enemies."

He is a pretty wicked (in a good way) looking miniature. Even if you are not a Bushido player this would be a miniature to get and use in other games or as your character for your favorite RPG.

What do you think of Kanut?

"...they have a very wild looking character called Kanut"

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