Ito Clan Work-in-Progress and More Bushido Beauties!

September 24, 2012 by brennon

GCT Studios have a nice selection of new images to show off of both Work-in-Progress pieces and finished miniatures for Bushido. Check out the selection below starting with the Ito Clan members that will be coming very, very soon...

Akimoto WIP

Satoshi WIP

Above are both Akimoto and Satoshi for the Ito clan. Of the two (and bearing in mind that they are at very early stages) Satoshi is the better of the two. I love the amount of movement in the model and all the detail that's going into his weapons. It will be interesting to see how the musical Akimoto ends up.

Fire & Water Kami

Takashi Hagane

And then we have these finished painted pieces. A few of you might have seen the Kami spirits before, but this version of Takashi is new. She seems a little larger in frame than her concept art would suggest but it's a good model nonetheless. A cool action pose for an action packed woman warrior.

Are you going to be an Ito Clan member when they finally hit stores?

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