The Jade Mamba Guard is Ready to Defend Bushido’s Ito

October 30, 2013 by dracs

The miniature for the Jade Mamba Guard of Bushido is ready and has appeared, katana swinging and prepared to deal death to any who cross the Ito Clan.

Jade Mamba Guard

The guys at Bushido have surpassed themselves with this sculpt. It is excellent, with a great, flowing motion to it, ready to spin round and bring that massive katana swing down on their enemy. The only thing I think isn't quite right is that the model looks like it is twisted into a really uncomfortable stance.

While the Jade Mamba Guard is a fantastic mini it is not the only thing Bushido is getting as the new faction dice for the Silvermoon Syndicate have now appeared.

Silvermoon Faction Dice

Yet more reasons to get into this cool looking Asiatic skirmish game.

Which faction do you think you would start with?

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