Katsumi Appears Out Of The Mist For Wave 26 In Bushido

October 20, 2015 by stvitusdancern

GCT Studios have given us a deeper look into the ninja themed wave 26 releases for Bushido.

This time the are bringing out the big "guns' with the reveal of Katsumi the weapons master for the ninjas. They describe him as...

"Regarded by many within the clan as the most fearsome shadow crow in battle. Katsumi is a weapons master, with a relish for utilizing any at his disposal to spill the blood of those that oppose the Kage Kaze Zoku. He became an adept at an incredibly young age, his squad formed with little of the meticulousness of others.

His fellow worms intimidated into joining him and in truth they weren’t ready. Katsumi led them in an open and frontal attack on an adept, of some experience, his bloody assault lasting mere moments as the members of his squad looked on. They didn’t last long as adepts, their weaknesses obvious to the worms that remained.

Katsumi however was never the subject of an attack by a worm squad, his fearsome reputation well-earned and unquestioned."

In whatever way you think of Katsumi, one thing is for sure, he is one bad dude. I think ninja are way too cool and I have been resisting Bushido because I have way, way too many games I am trying to play. However, I feel my resolve waning.

Do you like ninjas?

"In whatever way you think of Katsumi, one thing is for sure, he is one bad dude..."

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