Kenta Takashi The Prefecture of Ryu Appears For Bushido

May 9, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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GCT Studios keeps creating some incredible miniatures for its fantasy feudal Japanese game, Bushido.

This time around they bring us a true Samurai, Kenta Takashi the Prefecture of Ryu. He is Samurai in every sense of the word and he is described this way on the site...

"Kenta is a true samurai in every sense of the word. As a boy he knew his path, the one he has walked for many cycles in service to his family and the name Takashi. A veteran of countless battles and campaigns, he is a master swordsman, no foe able to outflank him due to practised footwork and deft movements.

Many times enemies foolishly thought they had struck the killing blow but the ancestors favour Kenta amongst all others. Though quietly spoken his presence in battle banishes any fear in his troops, steeling their hearts for victory."

Still thinking about getting into Bushido and not sure if it is the right game for you? They have now posted three videos on Youtube to introduce you to the game and play style. This is a game I have been keeping my eye on for quite some time and I will pick this up soon.

What do you think of the miniatures for Bushido?

"He is Samurai in every sense of the word..."

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