Master The Elements With Enos In Bushido

September 14, 2015 by brennon

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GCT Studios get stuck into the Temple of Ro-Kan with their latest preview showing off artwork and model for Master Enos. If you want to harness the power of nature itself then this rather mild mannered looking character should do the trick...

Master Enos - Temple of Ro-Kan (Model)

"None have managed to attain such a deep and wide understanding of the world as the venerable Master Enos. His body now old but his mind and powers have never been stronger. His knowledge of the elements enable him to exploit the very Kami themselves, drawing on their energy to transform himself into a conduit of nature’s strength.

The other Masters however question how much this unique ability damages the balance and relationship the Temple holds with them. It is certainly obvious that Enos’s mastery of the Void has enabled him to unlock knowledge of the element thought lost and forgotten. Some powers though are better left lost."

Master Enos - Temple of Ro-Kan (Art)

This character is the work of the Bushido Grand Master from 2014, Jason. He had input on the design process including the model and the rules which you can read over on their blog. The same prize will be offered to the 2016 champion too!

What do you think of Enos?

"This character is the work of the Bushido Grand Master from 2014, Jason..."

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