Master Martial Arts With New Bushido Miniatures This Month

January 15, 2016 by brennon

GCT Studios have delved back into the mysterious world of martial arts with two new release coming soon to the world of Bushido. First off we start off with the kicking power that dwells within Yuuki...


"Yuuki quickly found the name of the wind, where others hear only whistle and whisper. Yuuki delights in the chatter of excited and boundless Kami. She is an able warrior and much like her element; rarely still, in play she is light and airy like a summer breeze but when called upon in battle she is a direct and relentless howling gale.

Her vitality is endless and her speed astounding, her body a blur of motion as she unleashes blow after blow, an unstoppable storm of Rokan’s fury personified. "

I really like the amount of movement they've got in the sculpt of Yuuki and the painting of her 'power leg' while rather odd at first has grown on me as something rather fun. Following on from her we have the Takashi Retainer.

Takashi Retainer

"Samurai culture has both military and feudal culture. Everyone fits into the social pyramid. Where a leader had his trusted supporters under his command, they in turn had their own respective supporters under their command, and so on and so on.

The Takashi retainers are all capable warriors in the service of a Takashi Samurai of a higher rank, willing to lay down their lives in service. A high ranking lord will always have at least a hand full of retainers watching and guarding them at all times, constantly scanning a crowd or appraising a seemingly harmless peasant seeking council."

Sometimes you don't want winged warriors and massive Oni. Sometimes you just want some good ol' human figures for your fantasy world and that's just what the Retainer is. It might not be as awesome as some of the Tengu stuff that we've seen but I appreciate regular old joes that join your warbands.

What do you think?

"Sometimes you just want some good ol' human figures for your fantasy world and that's just what the Retainer is..."

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