The Mighty Boba Urges You To Play Bushido

May 23, 2013 by brennon

GCT Studios have their Bushido Rulebook flying off the shelves right now but some models are always a welcome sight. Check out Boba below, a mighty warrior from The Savage Wave...

Boba - The Savage Wave

"Another young Oni joins the ranks of the Savage Wave. Boba is a wicked shot, picking enemies off at will. When he channels his Ki he can lob his heavy iron shots with disconcerting accuracy. Those that have felt themselves safely out of his range are only proved wrong once."

Now that's an awesome looking red devil for the tabletop. I love that he fights exactly as you imagine, throwing those massive shots across the battlefield at oncoming foes.

Bushido is fast becoming a favourite with many a wargamer so if you play, or want to play, let us know what faction you would use below.

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