The Mighty Tengu Wins Bushido’s Concept Art Competition

June 26, 2013 by brennon

GCT Studios showed off two pieces of artwork earlier in the week for the next wave of releases in their Bushido game. They also ran a little competition to see what you'd like to see next and the Tengu won. Check out the demon below...

Tengu Concept Art

The first time I ever knew of the Tengu was when I played a game of Dead or Alive would you believe? In that there was a character that had the unnaturally long nose characteristic of the Oriental demon.

Tengu were long seen as disruptive creatures who were also harbingers of war. This has changed over the years though and now they are seen as protective spirits guarding the forests and mountains. This doesn't make them any less dangerous though!

The concept work is looking pretty dynamic and I can't wait to see what they do with him. I'm most looking forwards to how those wings turn out, a notoriously difficult thing to sculpt at the best of times!

What do you make of the Tengu?

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