Nature Comes to the Aid of Bushido’s Latest Monk

May 11, 2014 by dracs

Bushido will soon be getting a new monk for the peaceful  Temple of Ro-Kan, a young defender of the natural world named Seiji.


Seiji is still in the early days of his training, but already he has managed to gain the assistance of the natural world in his fight to keep back chaos, leaving enemies trapped in place by the earth itself.

Seiji promises to be a useful reinforcement for the Temple of Ro-Kan, who are admittedly my favourite of the Bushido factions. However, I would say that as someone who can manipulate the natural world it would have been good to see some sign of this in his miniature design. Also, the proportions of this concept are rather off, considering his fist is the same size as his head.

Still, Bushido miniatures tend to be excellent and I expect that once we see Seiji sculpted up it will fit in well with the rest of the range.

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