A New Dawn Brings Stylish Bushido Characters To The Tabletop

February 5, 2019 by brennon

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GCT Studio has shown off the new models which will be arriving for the latest Bushido wave. With Rising Sun bringing new rules to the tabletop it's awesome seeing how Bushido goes from strength to strength, offering up new options to players.

Onyomi - Bushido

The first of the monstrous additions to the game is Onyomi. This is one of the monstrous Oni from the game, giving you a hint of the savagery that you can get in Bushido alongside the honourable samurai and the like.

Talking of honourable folk, we also have Master Joju here who looks to have truly mastered a sense of zen.

Master Koju - Bushido

She is a powerful figure in her own right, blindfolding herself so that she can hone and rely and other senses beyond just those given to her in life. She can also call upon the creatures of the wild to help her when she's in danger, coming to her aid and protecting this blessed figure. You'll note that she doesn't even walk on the floor anymore! She has been truly (and literally) elevated.

Next up we have Kimiko Hoshi, one of the Ice Witches of her house.

Kimiko Hoshi - Bushido

As you might imagine, she can call on powerful ice magic to help her allies in battle. For example, she has the ability to lay down icy terrain which slows down your opponents, a perfect way to change the battlefield to suit your playstyle.

Next up we've got a deadly killer who hides in the shadows in Dudiko. That has to be the most 'rad' name for Ninja ever right?

Dudiko - Bushido

As another female character in the mix, she takes on a very different approach to fighting. She is a long-range killer, able to use her Keen Eye skill to get a bead on her target and take them out before they can even take their first steps.

Lastly, for our human characters, we have Amaruq. Like with Dudiko she is great at long range but she doesn't rely on a bow for that, she has epic throwing spears.

Amaruq - Bushido

She can hurl those spears over a long range and pin her enemies to the ground (figuratively) which is a rather awesome cool piece of imagery. She is no slouch in close combat either, able to bring her considerable brawn to bear against foes when the fighting gets fierce.

Lastly, we have the Crabs Of The Eastern Sea.

Crabs Of The Eastern Sea - Bushido

Have these swam over your enemies and you'll have them panicking like mad. It's good to have some funky little critters like this on hand so you can pull off some of the other hijinks the Jung Pirates have up their sleeves.

I'll just leave this here to illustrate the power of these crabs...

Not just useful for fighting in Bushido, these crabs make excellent dancers.

All of the character cards and additional details for these new miniatures can be found HERE.

Which of the new models caught your eye?

"Not just useful for fighting in Bushido, these crabs make excellent dancers..."

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