The Oni Come Out To Play Alongside The Ito in Bushido

November 12, 2012 by brennon

A few nice surprises for you today from Bushido by GCT Studios. Check out the first model, a young Oni resplendent in red and with a massive club for shedding your blood!

Sho Oni - Kano

That really is a great model. I love the muscle work and the stance, ready to charge into battle. Nothing worse than a big burly model like this that doesn't have any movement too it. Very close to the concept art too!

Ito Kenzo

There was also this fantastic preview of Kenzo from the Ito Clan on the Bushido Facebook. A terrifying snake, a deadly samurai, a mix made in scary Japanese heaven? They really are shaping up to be a brilliant clan of miscreants.

What are you enjoying most from Bushido?

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