The Peasants of Ro-Kan Rise in Bushido

November 16, 2014 by dracs

The Temple of Ro-Kan is a Bushido faction characterised by wise sages living in harmony with nature, but even they must occasionally call upon the help of the Peasants of Ro-Kan.

Peasants of Ro-Kan

This new miniature can also be assembled to make the peasant hero Kaito. Kaito reportedly serves as an inspirational figure on the battlefield, as his tenacity and courage allow others fighting alongside him to shrug off lesser wounds.

Together with the standard Peasants, this new model provides the Temple of Ro-Kan with the local knowledge of the surrounding area, which is very useful as it allows the faction to choose battlefields that give them the best possible advantage.

Are the Peasants of Ro-Kan going to help you battle in Bushido? Or will you choose to take Kaito with you to war?

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