Pirates & Assassins Arrive In Wave Thirty-Three For Bushido

January 9, 2017 by brennon

GCT Studios has shown off two new characters from the world of Bushido coming out soon in wave Thirty-Three. We'll kick things off with the Pirate known as Duri.


"He is almost as good a shot as he boasts and with his two “ladies” by his side, a threat to even the most nimble monk or heavily armour samurai, making him a legend amongst the Jung. The tale of how he lost his leg a source of much amusement amongst his peers. "

This fellow certainly looks like he's been at the gym pumping iron and his stance is one of a bit of a show-off too. I want to know more about exactly how he lost that leg!

Stalking in the shadows and being decidedly less flashy in combat we also have Wamu.


"Another worm to emerge from the perilous, relentless training of the Kaze Kage Zoku, Wamu is a swift and nimble novice assassin. Like her fellow novice Wamu is able to employ the teachings of her mentors to great effect. A competent warrior and a promising student of the ways of the ninja. "

It's good to see more characters coming to life from the Kaze Kage Zoku, expanding on their world beyond the realm of the board game. Any Ninja gets the thumbs up from us and this one looks rather measured and deliberated in her work.

What do you think of these two models?

"I want to know more about exactly how he lost that leg!"

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