Pirates Take To The Tabletop Of GCT’s Bushido

June 15, 2016 by brennon

GCT Studios have taken to the tabletop with a new faction for Bushido, the Jung Pirates! You can see their Starter Set here complete with all manner of miscreants.

Jung Pirates Starter Set

"When years passed without word of the Jung, they were considered lost, their return under the mon of the giant squid surprised everyone. They have reaped what they need from the traders on the seas of the Jwar Isles, forcing the Shiho, the leaders of the Prefecture at that time, to label them pirates.

Their fleets are faster and their knowledge of the Isles’ waters unparalleled by all but perhaps the Carp clan, allowing them to evade the larger, less experienced junks of the Prefecture. Long years away from the courts of the Jwar Isles have left the Jung rough around the edges but they have not forgotten their ancestry."

Mari Yung (at the back on the left) is probably my favourite of the characters - I think she has the 'over the top but bad ass' look down with her outfit. It's hard to say that Temo isn't awesome though too with his blowpipe.

Stat Cards

As with their other previews we have a few of the cards to take a look at too.

Mari Jung

Above we have Mari Jung and below the stat cards for Temo and Sho. Once again we're seeing a more exotic look at the world of Bushido as we bring in characters from other cultures within their world.



I could see these characters becoming favourites with fans of Bushido. In terms of a release schedule it seems like we should expect this faction to be available around the same date as Gen Con. So, if you're there you might bump into them and be able to pick up a set.

Will you be going raiding on the seas with the Jung Pirates?

"...we should expect this faction to be available around the same date as Gen Con"

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