Satsuki Brings Her Serpentine Charms to Bushido

August 3, 2014 by dracs

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The Wave 19 of Bushido releases has drawn to a close as final sculpt of Satsuki of the Ito Clan makes her appearance.


I have to say, this might be the first Bushido miniature I do not like. The sculpt itself is well detailed and posed and I like the snakes twining around her legs. However, Satsuki's clothes and general design makes her look more like a superhero than a Asiatic fantasy figure. Plus the size of her lips are so puffed out it almost looks like she has had an allergic reaction to something.

Still, with her role as the medium for Orochi's will, Satsuki will probably be a useful addition to your warband, accelerating the process as poison wracks the bodies of your enemies.

Do you like the sculpt, or do you find it off putting?

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