The Serpentine Ito are Expanding their Ranks for Bushido

March 3, 2013 by dracs

Some truly disturbing additions are soon to be joining the snake-like Ito Clan in the world of Bushido. Check out these previews that GCT Studio have released!


Now the first mini is pretty much what one might expect from a snake clan faction. It's an excellent sculpt in its own right and will be a great addition to the Bushido range.

Now these next two are something different...

Orochi's Slave

The art piece for Orochi's Slave is truly disturbing and will make for an intriguing miniature sculpt.

Yet the Ito aren't the only ones getting something to freak your opponent out with as this new member of the Cult of Yurei should also be appearing soon.

Mo Ises

Mo Ises looks fairly standard until you see his back. Ouch, that looks nasty! Also the expression of the mini's face makes it look truly sinister.

How do you guys think these will look in your Bushido forces?

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