More Strange Yokai Join the Battles of Bushido

June 15, 2014 by dracs

Two more pieces of concept art for Bushido's Wave 19 releases have appeared, showing off upcoming miniatures for the Temple of Ro-Kan and the Ito Clan.

First, the Temple are getting the help of a rather bizarre yokai called the Ashinaga Tenaga.

Ashinaga Tenaga

This mismatched pair can be found around streams and rivers, and can even control water to turn the ground into swamp-like mud. They fight using a fishing net and spear, tangling the enemy up and making them vulnerable to attack.

Meanwhile, the Ito get the help of Satsuki in taking the enemies down.


Satsuki is one of the Shishai sisterhood of Orochi, letting Orochi's power flow through them to bring the enemies of Ito to their knees, wracked with poison. Satsuki elevates this process, causing the venom to utterly destroy anyone.

Which of these two do you think you will bring in for your games of Bushido?

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