Takeji Swings His Sword for the Ito Clan

May 27, 2013 by dracs

The latest finished miniature who will soon be joining Bushido has just been unveiled. I would say that he's an honourable samurai, but he works for the Ito Clan so honourable goes out the window.


More to the point Takeji here isn't exactly a samurai. More accurately he is a prevalent member of the Ito Clan's ashigaru, the basic foot soldiers of the samurai nobles.

The model is of course excellent, the stance is great with a good degree of motion without resorting to the old constant of the mindless, screaming charge. It seems to match up well with the original concept piece, with the possible exception of the face, but this could be more due to the painting.

Do you collect the serpentine samurai of the Ito?

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