The Terrifying Penanggalan Joins Bushido

June 23, 2014 by dracs

Two new concepts art pieces have appeared in Bushido, one of which shows a version of what has to be one of my all time favourite monsters; the horrifying Penanggalan!


Penanggalans are disgusting creatures, looking like normal humans during the day, but at night they detach from their bodies to fly around searching for blood, their entrails dangling below.

However, the Bushido version, which serves the Cult of Yurei adds a bit more horror to the mix as the Penanggalan not only feeds upon you, but then turns you into its host, wearing your body like a cheap suit!

The Pananggalan does not appear alone though, as the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate also get a new addition in the form of the Hanami, Queen of Flowers.

Hanami Queen of Flowers

The Queen of Flowers is the head of the Jade Rose sisterhood and is so beautiful only the strongest of wills can resist her charms. If they would receive a kiss from her, they may even find themselves completely bewitched, no longer in control of their own actions.

Which of these two are you looking forward to seeing in miniature form the most?

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